Alaia-Princess, Veena

Alaia's mom (Morgyn)-Jersey Girl

Movie Clerk-Dallas


Leith's dad (Bernard)-Hugh

Movie Clerk-Simon

Theodore's dad (Tyler)-Steven





Althea Andrea-Princess

Buddy Bro-Diesel

Shawn Brunner-Steven




Sarah West-Karen





B B Jammies-Shy Girl

Ka Chung-Amy

Microsoft Sam-himself

Microsoft Mike-himself

Microsoft Mary-herself

Microsoft Anna-herself

Radar Overseer Scotty-Speakonia Male Voice 1


Theodore is punished by a lot of people as well as the Save-Ums for escaping Canada.


(after a plane ride home)

Theodore: Home sweet home.

(at home)

Theodore: Now that I'm home, I will get Blue is the Warmest Color.

(at the store)

Alaia: Mom, I said I wanted How To Train Your Dragon 2 this instant!

Morgyn: Alaia, I told you that movie is too pricey and I can't afford it so I'm offering you Rugrats in Paris! You can either have that or else we will go straight home!


Morgyn: That's enough! We're going home now!

(Alaia cries like Custard)

Movie Clerk: What do you want?

Theodore: I would like to have Blue is the Warmest Color on DVD please.

Movie Clerk: Thanks.

(at home)

Theodore: Now that I have the DVD, I will watch it now.


Theodore: Now I will make the opening to Inside Out 1977 Real Not Fake.


Theodore: I did it. Now I'm going to see Showgirls in Theaters.

(at movie)

Bernard: Leith Piper, I told you not to watch Barney's Great Adventure but you ignored me! When we get home, I will force you to watch Rugrats!

Leith: No no no no no no no no no!

Movie Clerk: What do you want to see?

Theodore: Showgirls please.

Movie Clerk: Okay.

(at home)

Tyler: Oh no! Theodore shouldn't have escaped Canada, got Blue is the Warmest Color, and made a fake VHS opening! I will confront him when he gets back!

(after Theodore got back)

Tyler: Theodore, how dare you escape Canada, get Blue is the Warmest Color and make a fake VHS opening! What else did you do?

Theodore: I saw Showgirls in Theaters.

Tyler: Oh my God! Theodore, that movie was rated NC-17! You are too young to watch that kind of content! I will call some people over right now!


Tyler: They're here!

Me: I'm Mickey McGuinness and I can't believe you killed Prism and got sent to Canada!

SaveUmsGirl2004: I'm SaveUmsGirl2004, Mickey's girlfriend, and I can't believe you escaped from Canada and got Blue is the Warmest Color on DVD!

LouieLouie95: I'm LouieLouie95 and you know that you're not old enough to see Blue is the Warmest Color!

AWildMew: I'm AWildMew and I can't believe you made the opening to Inside Out 1977 VHS Real Not Fake!

Althea Andrea: I'm the good Althea Andrea! Theodore, Inside Out came out in 2015, not in 1977!

Buddy Bro: I'm Buddy Bro, one of the good Mario enemies and I can't believe you saw Showgirls at the movies!

(Shawn Brunner arrives)

Shawn Brunner: Sorry I'm late! This is Shawn Brunner! Theodore, Showgirls is rated NC-17 and you're not old enough to see that kind of content!

Theodore: Hold on. I forgot to tell you something.

Shawn Brunner: Tell us what you did.

Theodore: I killed Princess Denise.

(DUN DUN DUN plays)

Shawn Brunner: What? Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Theodore Pearse, how dare you kill Princess Denise! You just broke one of the Lord's Ten Commandments!

Tyler: That's it! We're going to her funeral!

(at the funeral)

Priest: We're gathered together to mourn the death of Princess Denise. Jack and his wife Kimberly will have a few words to say about her.

Jack: Princess Denise has been a good person. Even my daughter Maya knows that Brian is her boyfriend. Rest in peace. This is a very sad time!

Kimberly: I have to agree with you Jack. Let's make sure that Princess Denise goes to Heaven.

(at the grave)

Theodore: Hooray! No more Princess Denise! Burn in Hel!

Tyler: Oh my God! Theodore, how dare you misbehave at Princess Denise's funeral! That is so it! We're going home!

Me: SaveUmsGirl2004, can I get some diapers?

SaveUmsGirl2004: No Mickey because Tyler already went to WalMart to get some.

Althea Andrea: I'm going to tell Radar Overseer Scotty.

Radar Overseer Scotty: Hello, Radaroverseer Scotty speaking.

Althea Andrea: Hello, this is Althea Andrea, the good version! The bad version of me is voiced by Elizabeth! Anyways, Theodore escaped Canada, watched two NC-17 movies, made a fake VHS opening and killed Princess Denise!

Radar Overseer Scotty: Theodore escaped Canada, watched two NC-17 movies made a fake VHS opening and killed Princess Denise? Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! That's it! I'm calling Sarah West, the Save-Ums and my Microsoft Friends!

(15 minutes later)

Tyler: Wow! You have more visitors!

Sarah West: I'm Sarah West and I'm so angry about the murder of Princess Denise!

Jazzi: I'm Jazzi!

Foo: I'm Foo!

Custard: I'm Custard!

Noodle: I'm Noodle!

B B Jammies: Me B B Jammies!

Ka-Chung: And I'm Ka-Chung! We're the Save-Ums! We can't stand this behavior no more!

Microsoft Sam: I'm Microsoft Sam and if you steal my ROFLcopter, my tacos, or my IWAY cookies, I will kill you with an AK-47!

Microsoft Mike: I'm Microsoft Mike and if you call me a lady and say I talk like a lady, I will kick you in the crotch 100 times!

Microsoft Mary: I'm Microsoft Mary and if you call me a man an say I talk like a man, you will be in dead meat!

Microsoft Anna: I'm Microsoft Anna and if you make one false move, I will zap you with my laser eyes!

Radar Overseer Scotty: I'm Radar Overseer Scotty and if you steal my bologna sandwiches, I will swat you with a paddle and if you fire me, I will kill myself and if you deny responsibility, you will be guilty of perjury!

Tyler: You heard them! Now go upstairs to your room!